Job Title: Bioinformatics Analyst / Data Analyst
Location: Orlando, FL
Position:- W2 / Full time
Minimum Experience:- 1-2 Years
Classification:- IT Industry
Salary:- $Per Hour
Posted by:- Sterrofox Inc
Address:- 7, East Spruce Street Orlando, FL
Zip Code:- 32804
Telephone:- +1 401-592-8925

Bioinformatics Analyst / Data Analyst Job in Orlando, FL

Responsibilities and Responsibilities for Bioinformatics Analyst / Data Analyst : –

  • Collecting and Interpreting data, Analysing results
  • Identifying patterns and trends in data sets.
  • Developing processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance.
  • Designing and maintaining data systems and databases; this includes fixing coding errors and Other data-related problems.
  • Mining data from primary and secondary sources.
  • Building and maintaining analytic pipelines for clients’ genomicdata (>10millionrecords) (Bash and Linux).
  • Interpret data and analyze results to derive insights and effectively communicate the insights for both scientific and business audience.
  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle (build, validate, test and deployment) of machine learning models.
  • Will work on business needs, design, create roadmap of execution.
  • Architect the entire workflow from data inputs, pre-processing, analysis to outputs and data storage.
  • Maintaining sample/project management database
  • Developing shell and python command line scripts.
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